A full range of experiential marketing for us, is to make people understand their own feelings and experiences to brand (Authentic Brand Experience), to describe the story behind the brand and share the excitement of the moment and create an unforgettable experience. Because each experience will be unique.

We are good World International, 600 doers, thinkers, architects, consultants, analysts, the trend pilots and innovators. They are experts and eclectic. We grasp the pulse of the times. Because things will push the global trend this form to convey, as we highly innovative and effective manner to plan, organize, implement every Live Communication activities: from the exhibition events, live communication, interactive branding, flagship stores and temporary store events, tour events, public and corporate events up to the campaign and promotional activities offline.

Our creation follows the idea of "5E". JS Exhibition is the founder of the "5E" space creative system, we design the "5E" space creative system and build the "5E" concept to the world design standard for JS Exhibition, the exhibition and display works has received general recognition and praise from the industry and customers. In the future, JS Exhibition will continue to be based on the needs of interactive experience by adhering to the quality, perfectly integrate the business thinking of design aesthetics and profound understanding of the international cross-border culture into the exhibition display, provide customers the display space with more humanized and more experience value, we will make efforts to promote the integration process development of global exhibition and display creative design!

For fifty years, JS Exhibition has always been adhering to the 5E design standards and successfully displayed brand for customers with brilliant performance.

Our difference is simple. We think, create, and execute. We connect your brand with people across the country and across the oceans. We also connect with you. Here you can see…