How to show the Chinese bridge construction strength?


Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge Exhibition Pavilion with an area of about 700 square meters, is located in Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge Offshore Platform on the third floor, the lobby, the red mark, golden channel, engineering background, scientific Jue policy, pay attention to care, the overall design of the bridge and achievements in construction, interactive leisure nine large in volume. This paper mainly shows the special historical background of the construction of the bridge and the attention of the world to the bridge, the construction process of the bridge, the innovation achievement and the builder's elegant appearance are introduced in detail.

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Pavilion design compliance to informative, interactive, artistic, technological design concept, the pavilion by interactive touch table, arc wide screen cinemas, phantom imaging, interactive mirror, such as high-tech display, intuitive demonstrated the style of bridge encyclopedic knowledge, builders, and complex construct process; Through the combination of large dynamic model shows the special equipment used in the process of the bridge. At the same time, the pavilion also through interactive virtual driving more interesting pictures, bridge interactive elements let visitors experience the bridge with different style in the process of visiting.

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