TOTO——This is a story of smooth shadow irregular change


On May 28, 2014, the 19th session of the China International Kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand. This is Asia's most influential international exhibition kitchen.

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JS as TOTO previous exhibition kitchen specified service contractor, with a leading space layout strategy and architecture design, classical and modern shine as the theme of the design, personalized design, TOTO expectations convey the core information into vivid experience of 3D display, building work can complete display space. A rich variety of products also for consumers to create one new bathroom world.

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Both on the design of innovative technologies and applications, TOTO is lead in the development; Brand positioning determines the service orientation, under the high standard quality requirement, TOTO screening for exhibition service quality is extremely close.

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JS is under the background of the harsh was chosen the most outstanding representative; With tree alone one signs on intelligence technology, as well as artistic realm of high-end grasp. We have created one field for TOTO and one field of the exhibition art miracle. Because we firmly believe that we can give it for the world's most elegant products new charm.

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Put down the tired, return to comfort, and the joy of the game of bath, has become the pursuit of all people. No tedious design, use delicate plane advertising and light sets make the area as a whole a concise and elegant and unique. Chic navy halation detail design and light more fold change, make the scene more distinguished luxury.

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In coal under the action of light, elegant blue flush, make product ZhiXuan technology play incisively and vividly, science and technology make life shine, the surreal atmosphere rendering, makes the product presents more than just one product that defend bath, but is one kind of brand-new life that defend bath.