TOYOTA——How to seize the moment, the pursue is perfect

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Today, with the rapid development of automobile industry, the Geneva Motor Show has played a pivotal role, ranked the world's five largest auto show. Due to the major companies have chosen the Geneva auto show as their latest and most beautiful models for the first time in place, this is the Geneva auto show won the international car trend vane in the world.

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In 2014, Geneva International Motor Show, beautiful world international to join the Toyota brand, to "environmental protection, security, the future" as the theme, jointly exhibited cars including new car, about 50 Taiwan car. At the Geneva international auto show, TOYOTA in the number of new cars, exhibition area, etc., will reach the highest level in the history of the exhibition. At the same time, in the morning of the 20 day of the media, from Japan's TOYOTA headquarters in person at the scene of the senior leadership in the field of corporate strategy speech.

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