Caterpillar——How the brand experience and display space perfect fusion?


The United States Caterpillar Inc was founded in 1925, Caterpillar Inc headquartered in illinois. Is the world's largest construction machinery and mining equipment manufacturers, gas engines and industrial gas turbine manufacturers, one of the world's largest diesel engine manufacturers.

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JS is involved in the project construction of caterpillar's largest corperation showroom in China.

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Corperation showroom in temporary industry exhibition, it is relatively fixed, long-term presence in the enterprise interior exhibition space. Therefore, we in in military construction Caterpillar corperation showroom, first of all to it developed one a precise positioning, from the design style and process materials, display content and budget for comprehensive analysis and planning, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the caterpillar, the caterpillar of the cultural connotation of mining, the  corperation showroom more flesh and blood to show to everyone.

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A good corperation showroom is left to the audience is clear, strong impression. Simple, lively is the best way to attract the audience. Us through modeling, lighting and other means of prominent caterpillar highlight content, using a separate display, spotlight etc. means to highlight and emphasize the exhibits.

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Caterpillar corperation showroom  seeks to show the overall image of the enterprise, it should have a sense of the times, but also has the characteristics of the enterprise, so we will Caterpillar corperation showroom logo in the design of the exhibition hall, the use of reasonable, standardized, and has made the distinctive features of the exhibition hall design.

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The shoeroom is also a combination of enterprise standard color application, in the standard color system within a reasonable extension, then the entire exhibition hall style will be consistent with the overall style of the enterprise, at the same time the space as well as in the exhibition hall can be further improved and optimized.

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