How WORLDWIDE created a superb trade show stand for TP-LINK

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Design ideas of respect from the plane guided by three-dimensional grasp the concept of integration with the lighting art space concept.

By bright light surface rendering, enterprise CI colours used in European minimalist image to show up; fully embody the TP "wisdom science and technology leading future unlimited" brand positioning; highlights modern and innovative character.

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The environment created by the light blue immersion experience space, all the details of the application of dominant elements under the trend of the blue part of the exhibition will also be extended to. The key is composed of a diffuse light to create a warm white and blue colors as static scenes form mutual cohesion and a sense of focus on

The huge lighting signs dominate the fold surface appearance, to create a classic image of a steady accumulation of brand style.

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This is the Jiashi America chief creative officer Arend Agthe's latest work.

As the heart beats like lights transform, dazzling rhythmic formed in space in a certain range, dazzling visual performance.

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He used organic glass, LED lamp device for making these materials transfer whole interaction and rhythm, establish the perplexing and charming visual effect.

The divergent light source of the landscape lighting from the inside. When a huge empty device appears, they will be inhaled this piece formed by the energy of life in shengjing.