It is a rare design proposal that actually asks to fulfill a strategy or tell a story. We believe the story should come first. After all, could you build a stage set for an unwritten play? Your story must resonate with your attendees and then facilitate a desired action.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual and verbal expression of a brand. We are experienced in all stages of a brand identity process:the research phase,establishing a brand proposition,the visual identity itself and then implementation across all channels.


Whether it be for corporate presentations,websites of exhibition stands,animation is an increasingly effective way of engaging your brand.


We are expert in targeted advertising and social media campaigns. The bottom line - toengage and enhance both your reputation and business!
We turn heads with our creative expertise.Simply speaking, you have two broad ways to express your business - with your Brand Identity and through Brand Engagement. Our award-winning creative team combine great ideas with stylish implementation,to really express your personality and communicate your brand.

Brand Engagement

The experience that abrand builds through its products and services is fundamental to the sustainability of the business-if theexperience fails,then so does the brand. We constantly look at the most effective and creative ways to engage your brand.


Corporate literature is still essential to communicating your brand offering. We apply creativity,attention to detail and meet deadlines - however demanding!


The 'tip of the brand iceberg' and as such hugely important - it's the bit people see first. We have delivered logos from niche businesses through to global organisations.
There’s a reason we have a full service 18 location in worldwide. Every JS is empowered with all our capabilities—employees, multiple locations, fabrication and storage, and strategic credentials.
Plus, JS has its own designers, managers, and fabrication strengths. JS clients have the benefit of a single provider for over morn than 70 countries. All clients enjoy the same seamless service for their domestic and international fairs. Combined, our network of associate partners stretches around the globe.

We understand how important it is to create a remarkable first impression. Our interactive solutions are expressions of the needs and expectations of our clients. By combining the elements of touch, gesture and augmented reality, we make sure that your client will not just see but experience your brand message.

Why Should You Consider an Interactive Exhibits?
Think back to how many trade shows you’ve had a booth at or have attended. How many people did you see stopping at the booths with a nice display and sign compared to how many people were gathered at the exhibits that had something interactive happening?
In today’s world people want to interact, which is evidenced by the increase in smart phone usage at trade shows. Having an interactive exhibit is the best way to attract the most people to your booth, here are the top reasons why potential customers love interacting with brands.

Digital Communications

Creating great content requires adeep understanding of all fators affecting your business. Whether creating video, emails of editorial,they all need to resonate with your audience.
To say we live in a digital age is an understatement - it permeates our everyday lives and is the most immediate platform to engage with a brand. And, crucially, digital engagement is measurable. With our digital team we can make sure your brand delivers in every way possible online to extend and enhance your brand presence.

Digital Engagement

As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate,one thing never changes,and that is the need for strong ideas. Our team develop these ideas into tools that truly engage.

Be memorable
Want to be remembered after today? Make your visitors engage their senses. Getting people involved by using their senses will cause them to wake up after that boring display they just came from. These potential clients will be more likely to call you next week about doing business if they’ve experienced something unique from your booth.
Your interactive booth will also stand out more than the others, causing people to stop by your booth. Although your cost might be higher, it will certainly be worth the investment. If not, your booth might be ignored and blend in with the rest of the crowd. Making your display stand out with games and demonstrations will draw attention and make visitors stay longer.

Use Digital Technology
The use of modern technology in your exhibit makes your company look up-to-date and more advanced than others. People are always drawn to the latest technology and trends. Stay on top of this by utilizing technology in your company and displaying it at trade shows to get people interested. People will not be drawn to a company that appears outdated or old fashioned.

Exciting to visitors
Visitors love interactive displays because they’ve spent the day listening to sales pitches and reading distributed materials, and need a way to become engaged. Potential customers want to have some fun and they’ll find interactive Exhibits more exciting than dry and bland displays. If they see others having fun, they’ll find themselves wanting to head to that display to check out what they are missing out on.

It makes customers understand your product better

Having an interactive exhibit or demonstration is the best way to prove your product works, explain its benefits and to get people excited to work with your company. This allows passersby to see and feel the product, rather than taking your word for it. You also have a chance to explain your personal story and how the product came to be, which makes the customer feel more of a connection when buying from your brand.
If you want to draw the crowds, bring a sense of adventure to the trade show and get people interested in your brand. Try an interactive exhibit at your trade show booth and watch the leads pile in. For more information on custom exhibit rentals, contact JS Digital Exhibiting today