Atlas Copco——How WorldWide Embodied Audi Designs

Germany Bauma exhibition is the world's three largest construction machinery exhibition one, along with Las Vegas and France Intermat exhibition.

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JS Exhibition contractors atlas bring new products debut 2013 engineering machinery exhibition in Las vegas.

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It is a typical case of international exhibition focusing on the display of the brand space and the functional experience of the product;

A lot of experience as a regional division of global exhibition Atlas of new product scene simulation;

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People's active participation is much more than what they have learned. The idea is to let customers participate in the exhibition with the personalized and interactive way, have deep feelings.

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In the product experience, the customer is in the main status, through personal participation, can strengthen the brand awareness. Through contact with customers, enterprises can deeply, fully understand the customer, the depth of insight into how customers experience the brand under the banner of products and services, and ultimately contributed to the project under the order.

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